All Knit Up

2011 Completed Objects

  • Vesper Clover Kiss Socks
  • Debbie’s Cowl
  • Perchance to Knit Sultry Socks
  • Opposites Attract Monkey Socks in Arthur and Guinevere
  • Starving Artist Hat
  • Skinny Starving Artist Hat
  • Swap Shawl for @jknitma on Ravelry
  • Monkey Socks in Keegan Lane Danger Magnet
  • Sockhead Hat in BMFA STR lightweight, Love
  • Herbivore in Bad Amy Rumpelstiltskin Pot O’ Gold
  • Neapolitan Socks in Trekking
  • The Barbara Scarf in Tempted Good Grrl Crush
  • Mom’s Monkey Socks in Vesper Sugar Plum
  • Three Ewe’s Twisted in Monkey Socks
  • Boing! in Wollmeise Poison #5
  • Sockhead Hat #2 in BMFA STR Lightweight, Scaponia
  • Citron in Twisted Fiber Arts Evolutions Tasty Angst
  • Cold Mountain in Wollmeise Lace “Rubin”
  • Citron in Twisted Fiber Arts Evolutions Mon Petite Chou
  • Mizzle in Numma Numma The Usual, Red Bartlet Pear
  • Between Pavement & Stars in Tempted Glam Grrl, Festival of Lights
  • Hand Spun Herbivore
  • Halcyon Socks in String Theory Resonance, Wormhole
  • Liz’s Sockhead Hat in BMFA STR lightweight, Firebird
  • Debbie’s Infinitude Scarf

2010 Completed Objects

  • Talisman Shawl
  • Sharon’s One Row Scarf
  • My One Row Scarf
  • Cindy’s Socks
  • Ammonit
  • Mom’s Blue Socks
  • Debbie’s Pink Haruni
  • Shetland Pi, aka Butterscotch Pi
  • Maddy’s Faro Easy
  • Mom’s Multidirectional Scarf
  • Hats to keep my ears warm:-)
  • Drop Stitch Scarf

2009 Completed Objects

  • Clapotis
  • Reversible Lace Stitch Scarf for Anita
  • S(p)ocks Socks
  • Waterfall Socks
  • Wollmeise Clapotis
  • Sign of Spring Socks
  • Decadent Fiber “Tequila Sunset” Shawl
  • Diamond Gansey Socks
  • Sunflower Socks
  • Prayer Shawl
  • Vine and Leaf Beret
  • Catharina Shawl for Mom
  • Clapotis for my Auntie Carole
  • STR Ribbed Socks
  • One Row Scarf for Maggie
  • Vine and Leaf Hat
  • Gingerbread Dude Monkey Socks

2008 Completed Objects

  • Seashell Shawl
  • Alpaca Twist & Lace Scarf
  • Honeycomb Cable Mitts for DD
  • Corkscrew Spiral
  • Seed Stitch Scarf for Dad
  • Ariel
  • Secret Project for Swap
  • Wicked
  • One Row Scarf for RFB&D
  • Wendy’s Spring Fling Socks, Toe Up
  • Pillars of Fire, Toe Up Socks
  • Peace Socks, Toe Up
  • The Susan Scarf
  • (2) Cell Phone Cozies from leftover sock yarn
  • Catharina Lace Socks
  • Nanner Socks
  • Garden Path Socks
  • Watermelon Socks
  • Susan Shawl
  • Alka Scarf
  • Cabled Malabrigo Socks
  • Kiwi Socks
  • Funky Ribbed Socks
  • Generic Toe Up Socks with Ribbed cuff
  • Reversible Lace Scarf for Facebook Scarf Exchange

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