I learned to knit about 5 years ago at a volunteer event and I’ve been, pardon the pun, hooked ever since. I don’t think a day goes by when I don’t pick up the needles and knit. My one regret is that I never let my grandmother teach me to knit when I was a little girl.  At the time I just wasn’t interested.  She now couldn’t be prouder! 🙂

I love sock yarns and all the colors. I can’t get enough of them. At the moment if I was to knit a pair every few weeks or so, I’d be set for about the next 6 years. I suppose I’m not the only one.  I also use a fingering weight yarn to do most of my lace work.

I love to spin.  I currently spin my yarns on the Schacht “Ladybug” Spinning Wheel equipped with a WoolLee Winder.  I hope to purchase another wheel within the next year that would be better equipped for travel.

I have a great love of music and theatre and try to include them in my life as much as possible. I am also a HUGE fan of the Wold Champion Boston Red Sox (that feels so good to say!)

Other interests include photography and playing tourist in this wonderful city that I live in.

What I am most proud of though is my 20-year-old college daughter. I think I’ve learned more from her than she ever will from me and I just love her to pieces.


Posted May 25, 2010 by theknittingpatch

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