This so should not be taking me so long to knit.  That said, I’ve been pretty busy work wise and I’ve started packing my apartment to move (no place has been found yet, but moving all the same) so my knit time has been limited.  I have about four more repeats of this scarf to do and it will be completed and ready to gift.


The socks that I was working on last time?  I just started the second one.  I try to limit that to just my train time.  I’m really happy with the way they are coming out.  I’m just about to start the pattern on the second sock, the toe is complete.


Sad story about this sock.  I was on the train, knitting the cuff, when all of sudden, to my horror, the needle separated from the cable.  I was truly stunned.  This should not happen.  I mean, I know it happens, but wasn’t expecting it to happen from a Signature needle.  I felt all sorts of things; anger, sadness, more anger.  I contacted them once I calmed down and they are replacing with DPN’s at my request.  The circulars are on back order and I’d prefer the DPN’s.


I got to spend a lovely weekend with one of my best friends while she was in town.  She and I did a little running around the city (a mini yarn crawl if you will) and lots of kicking back in her hotel room just visiting and knitting.  I miss her already and we are planning our next get together sooner than later.  Love when times like this happen.  Sad to see them end.

I do have some stash enhancement, but will leave that for next time so that I have the chance to photograph it and save to stash on Ravelry.

I’m off for now and I’m really trying to be more regular about this so I hope to post again sooner than later 🙂


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  1. Which pattern is the scarf? It’s a really beautiful one, and I have some variegated that would be perfect for it!

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