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I told myself after I knitted my last sweater that it would be the last.  It just wasn’t a good experience for me and I was unhappy with the result.  The sweater sits hanging in my closet, unworn.  Then came Rhinebeck 2011.

I was walking around on Sunday, minding my own business when I ran into Sairy, Hollyknitballs, JessaLu and Somebunnyslove.  While talking and visiting with them, Sairy showed me the fabulous wool she had purchased from Stonehedge Fiber Mill.  Shepherd’s Wool felt fabulous and with the prodding of DarthKnitter, we ran into barn C before our spinning class and made the impulse purchase.

As I showed in the last post, here is the Shepherd’s Wool that I purchased to make my sweater.

I wound up a skein today to swatch for Villane.   Since I want it to be perfect, I knew that swatching would be important.  I knit the swatch in both a US size 8 and US size 7 and I’m having a hard time deciding which one would work better.  Rather than second guess myself, I’m going to wait until I’m able to sit down with some other knitters and get their opinion.

I will say it makes and awesome fabric.  It is 100% wool, but is incredibly soft on the skin.  I’m looking forward to wearing this sweater when it is complete.

I also think I may have buttons for this, but am still deciding if they will work.  I picked up these buttons at Mood last year during a yarn crawl through NYC with DarthKnitter.  I think they may be a little too red, but have been told by DramticKnits that they are charged with energy.  What do you think?

So now that I’m waiting to proceed with the sweater, I put a scarf on the needles for a Christmas gift.  It’s made from Knit Picks Cadena in the Caribou colorway.  It’s a quick knit and will use up 4 skeins in stash.  The Pattern is The Irish Hiking Scarf.

I’m also going to put on the needles, a scarf that my daughter requested.  I’ll hopefully have a progress shot of that in the next post or two.

I’m off to do some spinning before calling it a night.  I hope you all are able to get some knitting and or spinning in as well. 🙂


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