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I swear I have knitting ADD.  I can’t seem to knit on just one project.  I have a sock that I work on while I’m on the train.  I have the swap shawl that I need to finish.  I also have other projects that I’m knitting that just happen to be in time out.  Yet, at lunch time today, I cast on a new project.

This is a “Skinny” Starving Artist hat.  Skinny, because I’m using worsted yarn rather than the chunky it calls for.  Wendy had already done the math, so with that in hand, the yarn was wound and put onto the needles.  Because I knit a little bit tighter, I used a size US 7 needle and by the time I left the office, I had the brim of the hat and was ready for the increase row.  The color is just stunning!!!

This picture is a little lighter than the yarn, but you can still the gorgeousness.  It is Madelintosh Tosh Merino in the colorway Black Velvet.  I have another skein in Oxblood that I think I will use for Elsica.

So, now I’m off to sleep because tomorrow I must knit at least 1/2 of what is left of the swap shawl.  No excuses!!!!   Have a great night and Happy Knitting!!!!


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