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It is back to work week.  I’m completely exhausted.  I can’t believe how much this week has drained me.  At the same time, I’m getting back into the routine.  I’m continuing with the physical therapy and it is working out extremely well.  I was able to get back on a bike for a 15 minute stretch.  LOVED IT!!!!   Tonight, the therapist had me doing some exercises on some of the weight machines in the gym.  Before I know it, I’ll be back in the gym and with my trainer.  I can’t wait!!!

It feels so good to get back into my knitting and spinning.  It was a short break in February for all the reasons you know, and I really missed it.  I think it was the longest I went without it.  I sincerely hope it never happens again.

I’m almost done with the swap shawl.  My concern, still, is getting it blocked.  Not quite sure, as I can’t be on the floor,  to do a proper blocking.  I also can’t tie up my bed to block it there because.  I’m going to steam it with my iron and will enclose a note that it will probably need to be blocked one more time to get it to the full potential of beauty.

I’m about to start the gusset increase on sock # 2 of this sock.  It’s not easy knitting this on the subway with crutches in tow, but I’m managing.  As soon as I cast that one off, I will be starting the second sock of the mystery pair that I’m knitting (it’s a plain vanilla sock, just a gift that  I don’t want to show yet).  Another pair for Mom will be next after that.

I’m also starting to spin again.  I have some fiber that I’ve been working on since my last surgery.  I was so caught up in everything that I was doing that I never got it done.  I’m dead set on getting it done this weekend.  I have about 3 ounces left to spin.  I figured if I could do about 10 minutes per hour this weekend, I could get it done so that I could ply it during the week.

I’m off to knit for a bit before bedtime.  I hope that you all have a fabulous night.  Happy Knitting and Spinning!!!  🙂



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