Knitting A Hat   3 comments

This has got to be my new favorite hat!!!



And this was all that was left of the skein


To recap:

Pattern:  Starving Artist Hat

Needle: US 11

Yarn:  Dream In Color Groovy, Lunar Zazzle


Posted February 26, 2011 by theknittingpatch in Uncategorized

3 responses to “Knitting A Hat

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  1. I am knitting the exact same hat right now myself lol. Yours came out great.

  2. What a LOVELY hat! Great ribs, great colors. And it’s a darned good thing you weren’t overly-generous with extra yarn at the cast-on!

  3. I finish mines too, i used the sept colorway of groovy, bayou it really was a fun knitting project, planning on doing another one soon. i really want to thank you, reading your blog has me hook on knit grills and yarns that i never thought of like, vesper and twisted limone you are such an enabler and a very good one

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