Reaching Knitting Goals   1 comment

I’ve been working on meeting knitting goals the past few days. Each day I have to knit so many rows on the swap shawl and then I can work on something else. Today was the first day that I met the goal early enough to do so.

So with the goal met, I wound up a skein of Dream In Color Groovy in the Lunar Zazzle colorway and after digging through my needle stash, I cast on for the Starving Artist hat. The third time was really the charm with getting this started. First I twisted the join, then I mis-knit the next row and had to tink back and that brought me to the third time. I’m now on my way and am about to do the increase row. I see this being a very quick knit and I can’t wait to wear the hat.  I may even have to knit one or two more 🙂

In spinning news, I’ve been given the OK to spin fiber on my wheel.  I hadn’t done any today, but will absolutely be trying in the morning before I go to my PT appointment in the afternoon.  I’m so looking forward to getting to know my wheel(s) again.  So far things are feeling good with the knee and if all goes well, I may be on a bike at the gym as early as next week.  Fingers are staying crossed (except when playing with yarn and fiber).

I’m off to knit more on the hat before bed time and to maybe eat the dinner I forgot about and didn’t realize the time.  I hope that you all have a wonderful night and wish you all Happy Knitting and Spinning!!!


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  1. Lots of these hats being knit lately. Love the colors you picked for yours!

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