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Since I cast off one sock, I spent the day knitting on my swap shawl.  I feel like I’m never going to get it done, but it will.  I just have a very low concentration level at the moment.  Right now, I’m working it on the reward system.  Knit 10 rows, I can have coffee.  Knit another 10 rows, I can take a walk.  Sounds silly, but it’s working.

I did go for a walk today.  Really didn’t go far.  There is a Rite-Aid about 1/8 of a mile from my house each way.   I walked slowly and with the crutches where the snow is melting and was weary of black ice.  It did me in.   Since I really can’t manage the market right now, I did place another small grocery order for delivery late Tuesday morning.   If it’s just as nice out in the afternoon, I’ll try another walk.  The more I walk, the stronger it will get.  Still looking forward to starting PT.  In the meantime, elevation and ice for the swelling.

And, as promised, a picture of a finished sock:

I used Jeny’s surprisingly stretchy bind off for this sock.  It seems to have worked out well and is super stretchy.  Will have to watch Cat’s video one more time when I’m ready to bind off the second sock.

OK, I need to go back to the shawl, it has to get done.  Until next time, happy knitting!!!!


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2 responses to “Swap Shawl Knitting

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  1. I am glad your not overdoing it. It was tiring at first but I ended up enjoying PT after I had surgery on my leg/knee.

    I like the color of the yarn all knit up.

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