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Today was a not so great day.  I woke up pretty congested and was finally hit with my first head cold of the season.  I waited until about 9:00 or so and left a message with my doctor as I wanted to make sure that I could take cold medicine with the pain medicine.

As I waited, I frogged my swap shawl as I wasn’t happy with the pattern and I picked out a new pattern to knit.  The doctor called back about an hour or so later and told me it would be no problem to take the cold medicine with the pain medicine.  Knowing that, I ate some breakfast and took cold medicine on top of the pain medicine that was already in my system.  That pretty much ended my day.  The room just spun.  I tried to knit, it just spun some more.

At that point, I just slept on and off and when I was awake, drank my weight in fluids to get it out of my system.  I finally felt back to normal around 6:00 PM this evening.  I picked up my knitting and was able to get through the first chart of my swap shawl.  Thankfully, I have until mid-March to get it done, though I don’t think I’ll need that amount of time.

I did get some goodies in the mail today:

This is String Theory Resonance yarn in the Dark Matter and Wormhole colorways and as the ball band says, 400 yards of pure awesome; 365 meters of squishiness and 100 grams of fabulosity and I couldn’t agree more.  These will be knit up soon.  I have a few other things to finish first.

Out of curiosity, are you a monogamous knitter or do you have many projects on the needles at one time?  Right now, I have about five WIP’s and I’m itching to cast on more.  There’s just too much pretty out there.

I’m off for the night.  Going to try to get a few more rows knit and then sleep.  I hope you all have a fantastic night! 🙂  Happy Knitting!!!


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