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Today has been all about the sock knitting.  I’ve been knitting on the Monkey Socks and on a secret pair that I can’t discuss yet.  Both are coming along nicely.  Sorry, no pictures.  I only have my cell with me and the colors are hard to capture.

Mom really loved the socks that I made her, that I will be casting on a new pair for her as soon as the next pair is off the needles.  I’m going to email her pictures of a few skeins of Vesper so that she can decide what color she’d like next.

I watched a little bit of the Super Bowl pre-game with Dad tonight.  🙂   One question.  What was up with Christina’s rendition of our National Anthem?  It was the most botched up version that I have ever heard.  It made me sad because she is such an accomplished singer.

That’s all for now; more on Monday when I get back to the city.  Have a great night everyone and Happy Knitting!!!



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  1. Hope your Dad is doing much better! Glad you got some sock knitting in!

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