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Progress was really made today on the second sock that I started yesterday.  I will be turning the heel in the  morning on the way to the office.  I expect that this sock will be off the needles by Wednesday.  Why is it that the second sock goes so much faster than the first?

Knitting on this sock also made me realize that all other knitting seems to be neglected and put to the side in favor of socks.  I have a feeling that will hold true for most of the year.  This is OK.  My major goal this year was to knit socks and knit down the stash.  So far, that goal is being met.  Will I knit other items?  Absolutely.  Will they get done?  Only time will tell.  I think right now, I’m just enjoying the quick and dirty of the knitted sock.  The only break will be to knit the shawl for my swap.

Yarn is wound, as you know, for the next pair of socks and I also have a skein of  Trekking that I want to knit up into socks.

Do you have items such as socks that you love to knit all the time?

That’s it for tonight.  I hope you have a wonderful night.  Until next time…..


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