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I spent the day in the house today.  Cleaned the kitchen and put away the laundry.  I prepared and froze meals for the next few weeks so that all I will have to do post op is remove from the freezer and heat.  Once I was done, I rewarded myself with knitting and the rest of season 5 of Doctor Who.

The yarn was dry for my Monkey socks so I wound it up and started.  I am four repeats in on the foot and should be turning the heel sometime on Monday.  I love the color of the second sock a lot.  I think it is the favorite of the two.

Once these are done, it is going to be a fun pair to wear.  I’m looking forward to it and the strange looks that I’ll more than likely get from everyone.

My thoughts are going to February socks.  I have decided to use a yarn that has been in my stash since August of 2008.  That yarn would be Danger Magnet Toasty Sock BIG FOOTIES from Keegan Lane Yarns.  Awesome yarn 🙂

These will probably also be Monkey socks as I know exactly how many rows/repeats to knit and will really need brainless knitting for the month of February.

To help me keep track of right side/wrong side in the toe will be my favorite new stitch markers from BeaGin Design.  Rose-Marie does an awesome job with these no-snag stitchmarkers.  I love them!!!  From Sweden to the United States in about a week.  Run over and get some before they are all gone.

OK, I’ve rambled on enough and it’s time for sleep as I have an early day on Monday.  Until next time….


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2 responses to “House Knitting

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  1. Those socks are going to be so cool when they are done. I have been hearing wonderful things about her stitch markers I think I will need to get myself some.

  2. Those stitch markers look like the jewelry that they used when I got my belly button pierced!

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