A Non-Knitting Day   1 comment

For the most part, it was a non-knitting day.  The only knitting done was a cuff on monkey sock #1.  I just need to do the sewn bind off.

I’m waiting on the second skein to dry before I start the second sock.  I had to wash it as the stuff used to wash it after dying was making me wheeze.  I found out from the dyer what it was and it turns out it was something that I am highly allergic to.  I won’t say what product it was, but it was a product that contains a high content of sulfates.  Sadly, I can’t use most products that have them.  Even my makeup is sulfate free.   Not only do the sulfates make me break out horribly and itch, but I can’t breathe.  I can’t even use sulfa based drugs.   I honestly didn’t realize it was the yarn that was causing me to wheeze.  Thankfully most wool washes are OK, though they do contain sulfates.  It’s the commercial detergents and fabric softeners that do it to me and that’s what was used in this case.

OK, back to my day.  I had a dentist appointment this afternoon.  I’ve been very nervous about this as I had a bad experience at the dentist a few years back that left me scarred.  Let me just say I love my dentist.  I have had a great experience with him and it has restored my faith in dentistry.  I have a few more appointments to get me back on track and to get my mouth healthy.  It’s all a part of getting me healthy and losing weight.    I won’t see them again until after my knee surgery in a few weeks.

After the dentist, grocery shopping.  Even with sticking to the list of things to get, you spend a fortune.   That said, I really did do 2 weeks worth of shopping so that the house will be stocked.  I will be cooking and freezing meals on Sunday so that all I will have to do is microwave a meal and eat for the first few days after surgery.

I will be doing a bunch of last-minute things in the house as well as the day is quickly approaching.  To be honest, I can’t wait.  I’m eager to get my life back on track.  I’m eager to get back in the gym.  I’m eager to  start losing the weight again and get back on my journey.  I know that the surgeon will make my knee as good as new as he did with the other one in June.  I have every faith in him and myself that this will be better and the journey can begin again.  In the meantime, it’s one day at a time.

Until next time…..



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  1. Sounds like you’re getting well prepared for your upcoming convalescence! I hope things go smoothly for you, and that you can be back to your old routine again very soon!

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