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Happy Birthday Knitty City!!!

I spent most of the day out of the house.  I headed into the city this morning so that I could go to the 5th birthday party at Knitty City.  By far, it is one of my favorite shops in the area.  Everyone in there is so friendly and I have pretty much been going there since they opened.

I meant to take some pictures when I was there but forgot.  Next time.  It’s a great shop and when knitting friends visit, I’m sure to take them there.  While on leave, I will be frequenting the shop often just to get out of the house once I am able to move about.

As a result of putting the girl in the candy shop, I may have purchased some yarn candy while I was there.  These things do happen.   Some was for my shawl swap partner in the perfect color and a few others that are destined to be gifts.  In the event that those people read the blog, I’m not going to give details until after they are knit up and gifted.

After, I went to lunch with my friend Maddy.  Let me just say, that having breakfast for lunch is the absolute best, especially when with good company.  It was off to Trader Joe’s after for some stocking up of the goodies and then home.

I should be turning the heel close to bedtime on the second sock tonight.  If not, it will be on Sunday.  It’s just zooming along and I expect to cast-off come Monday.

If I knit socks at this rate, I’ll be on track for close to three dozen pair in 2011.  I hope I can keep up the pace.  That will be 3 dozen skeins of yarn that I use up from stash.  Plus whatever else I decide to knit up this year.

One thing I am noticing is that I don’t use the whole skein of yarn for my socks and I’m ending up with leftovers.  I think I will put them in a bag and eventually knit up a sock yarn patchwork blanket.  I will have to look at others who have done this to see exactly what will be involved. (Here I go knitting in my mind again!!!!).

OK, I’ve rambled enough and I’m off to knit.  I hope you all do the same.


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