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My commute this morning was a total fail.  I left my house about 8:15 AM.  I walked to the train and stood on the platform for a good 45 minutes.  It turned out there was a smoke condition a few stations away that caused service to be suspended in both directions.  At that point, I made my way to the street and called the office to let them know the situation and walked home so that I could warm up.  I checked the MTA’s website and found that the trains started to run with delays.  I purposely waited about 15 minutes and then left the house to try again.  Finally about 10:45, I made it into the office.  The only good thing about the morning commute:  I got a lot of knitting done!!!!  🙂

The new socks are coming along nicely.  I’m working the leg of the first sock and I should be casting it off by Wednesday and casting on the second sock.  This pic was taken shortly after I turned the heel and knit the flap.

The only thing I noticed is that the yarn started pooling at the gusset increase where it seemed to be striping before.  At first as was a little bothered by it, but honestly, it gives the sock character.  I love the uniqueness of it.

Knitting just didn’t happen on the way home.  The train was pretty crowded most of the way and I couldn’t get a seat.  Every time I went after the empty seat, someone else got there first.   It’s rare that this happens and when it does, it does not make me happy.  I just lost myself in the Ipod and listened to some great music.

Tonight, the princess shawl came out.  I was able to knit about two rows on the shawl.  I’ve got 7 rows left on the first repeat of part 4.  Once I’m done with the repeat, I will have to judge how much yarn that I have left and how much more that I can go on. The plan was to do two full repeats.   A full repeat is 40 rows.  I’m not sure I have enough yarn to do a full second repeat.  What I do know is that the repeat is the same 4 rows done 10 times.  I figured that I would knit 4 at a time and judge.  If I think there is enough, I will knit 4 more.  I just need to make sure that there is enough for the crochet bind off.   The yarn is no longer made and of the 10 dyed skeins of the yarn, I have 5 of them.  I’m trying to get one more from destash, but don’t have high hopes.  I’m ok with that.  I know the shawl will be beautiful.

I’ve rambled on enough, so I’m calling it a night.  I hope you all have a fantastic night and get some knitting in.


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  1. I like the colors of the socks! I hate commutes like that but what a trooper you are. I would have stayed home after the first attempt. I’ve already arranged to take tomorrow off if the snow hits.

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