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So today, I knit on the train, I knit at the office (shhh, don’t tell) and I knit at home.  Really, I knit everywhere that is possible.  I would knit at the gym if I could, but I think the yarn would felt.  Really not much else going on.

I did get the last of the yarns for the Dr. Who Scarf and I have them put aside for recovery.  I think they look fantastic together, don’t you?

The yarns are as follows:

  • Nashua HandKnits Julia in Harvest Spice
  • Cascade 220 in Cabernet
  • Nashua HandKnits Julia in Steel Gray
  • Cascade 220 in Camel
  • Jamieson’s Shetland Heather Aran in Burnt Umber
  • Universal Deluxe Worsted in Gold Spice
  • Universal Deluxe Worsted in Bronze Brown

I’ll wait until the last possible minute to wind up those that need to be wound, otherwise it’s all set to go.

Let me tell you the funny story about the Steel Gray.  I ordered it from one place.  While on jury duty, I got an email from them telling me that it was on back order and that they would send along the rest of my order as I had found three of the other yarns with them.  In the email, it said that it could be two to three weeks before it was in stock again.  Rather than panic, because I wanted this for February, I went searching on the web and found it at a place in California.  I ordered it.  When I got home and called the first place intending to cancel the back order.  I couldn’t.  I was told that it came in stock and shipped.  OK, now what?  I called the store in California, and apologized and explained and canceled the order with them.  They told me it would be no problem as long as it hadn’t shipped.  Do you see Murphy’s Law working here?  About an hour later, I got the shipping notice from the first place and the yarn was not listed on the packing slip.  I figured they must have been wrong about it coming back in stock and guess what, I found it at another vendor in Kansas and ordered it, end of story, right?  WRONG!!!!   The order that arrived today is from the original vendor.  I have more steel grey coming from Kansas.  It will cost me more to ship it back and get a refund, so I’m sure that I will find good use for it.  Maybe I’ll make it into a hat with some of the left over Dr. Who yarn.

Time for me to knit a bit before sleep.  Have a wonderful night and Happy Knitting!!!!!


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  1. I think knitting a hat would be a great idea. I love the colors for the scarf.

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