Knitting on the Train   1 comment

The titles of my posts seem to have a common theme – knitting.  I’m not saying that this will be the case every post, but most.


I tend to get a big chunk of knitting done on the train ride back and forth to work.  Today for example,  I knit half the foot of a sock.  I expect to be turning the heel by end of day on Thursday. It really is the perfect time to knit.  I never know how long the commute will be.  It can be 20 minutes, it can be an hour, either way, I have knitting with me, always.

I get strange looks at times, but I don’t care; even stranger comments.  One such comment: “I thought only old ladies did that!”  My response:  “I guess I’m old then!”

I’m happy to have something to do to pass the time.  There are very few times that I don’t knit.  In those cases, I read or I just daydream.  Most of those cases are when I can’t get a seat.

In other news, I have the yarn picked out for the next pair of socks.  Perchance to Knit’s Sultry.  I think the ones after that will be Opposites Attract – Arthur and Guinevere.  I’m on target for 12 pairs in 2011.   I may even surpass that.   I can only hope.

Going to knit a little bit before bedtime.  Hope you all have a fantastic night.



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  1. I wish I had a train as my commute instead of a 25-40 min car ride. LUCKY! 🙂

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