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Tonight, I went to a book signing for The Mommy Diet by Alison Sweeney.  For those of you who don’t know, she is the host of The Biggest Loser and plays Sami Brady on the daytime soap, Days of Our Lives.

She is both beautiful inside and out.  She took the time to talk to each and every person who came to the table, myself included.  We talked about my weight loss and she commented on my shawl pin (a silver musical note).

Before the signing, while knitting on the cowl, I saw a woman standing in the back.  She looked very familiar and I said as much to her, but no bites.  It turns out that it was Heba, a former contestant from The Biggest Loser.  The only reason I figured it out is because Ali tweeted to her after the fact to thank her for coming out.  I wonder why she didn’t say?

As for my knitting, the second sock is underway and I’m about half done with my daughter’s cowl.  I will post pictures of both once they are done.  I hope to be done with both by the weekend.  I’m already thinking that a second pair of socks will be in the works for January.  I just need to pick out yarn to knit it from my stash.   I want to choose something out of the norm for me.  I’ll look and see what I come up with.

Time to pack it in for the night.  I hope you all had a fabulous day full of fibery goodness.


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  1. Allison does look gorgeous in that photo, but why did you cut yourself out of the picture? You are just as beautiful. 🙂

    (BTW, Heba is one of the reasons I stopped watching TBL for a few seasons – she and “icky Vicky.”)

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