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New Years Knitting is well underway.   I’ve got a few works in progress left over from 2010 that I’m determined to get finished this year.   I expect to be done with both the Princess Shawl and the Girasole before the winter is over.   I have also started a few new projects, albeit mindless, for while I’m on the subway or just need a relaxing break.

First up is a plain vanilla pair of socks.  These are being knit up in Vesper Clover Kiss as part of YOSS.  I’m about 3/4 of the way done with the first sock and I love how it is knitting up.  I will leave that for my commute to and from the office.

I also cast on a cowl for my daughter.  This is being knit up in Quince and Co. Puffin in the Storm colorway.  No pictures yet.  I did modify the pattern and increased it by 20 stitches.  It’s a rather simple pattern (every row is knit) and I think that she will love it.  All she told me is that it has to be gray.

Upcoming projects include a Dr. Who Scarf and of course more socks.  I plan on knitting the scarf in February while I’m on medical leave.  I figured it would be the best project to knit while I’m on pain killers as it’s all garter stitch.  The last time, I knit lace and I tinked and frogged more than I knit.l

So, what’s on your needles for 2011?


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3 responses to “New Years Knitting

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  1. Oh, that’s a beautiful colorway!

  2. I love the color yarns you are using especially for the socks. So far I have 3 things on the needle a hat for charity, a shawl & a Entrelac dishcloth.

  3. Adore Vesper Striping… they are beautiful

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