Sunday with Franklin….   2 comments

and Dolores was nowhere to be found, imagine that, lol

I had an enjoyable afternoon at Loop in Philadelphia taking a photography class with Franklin Habit.

I’m on brain overload from the class, so let’s see how much I remember.

I learned a lot about not so much as how my camera works, but about the importance of lighting in a photograph.  How things such as aperture, depth and shutter speed can affect a picture.  A lot of the digital cameras come with presets for these functions, but play with your camera and get to know it (one of these days I’ll get it).

Franklin also spoke of how to diffuse and reflect the light so that your subject will appear in the photograph at it’s best.  For example, I took this picture of this skein of yarn (Madelinetosh sock in Jade) on a cork board just using the fluorescent lighting of the room.  You can see how dark the skein is.

This photo, I took in a home made light box that Franklin had constructed out of cardboard and paper.   I think this shows the truer color of the yarn.

Yet, this picture, that I took with a black background in the fluorescent lighting was the closest coloring of this shawl that I’ve ever been able to get (the yarn is Wollmeise in Thriller):

I highly recommend to read the manual for your camera (as does Franklin!) If you don’t know where your manual is, most mfg. sites have them available for download.  I also highly recommend that if you have the opportunity to take this class from Franklin, do so.  You will learn a lot and you will not regret it.  It absolutely was worth the trip for me.


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2 responses to “Sunday with Franklin….

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  1. You went to Philidelphia, to see Franklin, to learn how to photograph? What is wrong with this sentence? He’s supposed to teach knitting or at the very least cartooning.

  2. I am so jealous!!!!!!! I am hoping to get to go on some knitting field trips again after the holidays!

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