Butterscotch Pi   3 comments

I still have about 100 stitches to bind off, but here it is:

Absolutely huge!!!!!   Unblocked, Pi covers the length of my body, about 5′ 3″ (I’m 5’6″)  I don’t even know where to begin to block this or even where to block it.  Well, actually I do know where, Mom and Dad’s house.  This means that blocking won’t get done until Thanksgiving as the next time I’m home will be in two weeks for a wedding and will have no time.

OK, must sleep.  Have a great night everyone and Happy Knitting!!!!


Posted September 21, 2010 by theknittingpatch in Uncategorized

3 responses to “Butterscotch Pi

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  1. Oh wow that is huge I can’t wait to see how big it blocks out.

  2. That is so beautiful. The colors are glorious. What an accomplishment!

  3. WHOA! it look so kewl all stretched out. I have only seen it when it is in a bunch being knitted… amazing

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