Deep into the Deep Dish Pie   3 comments

This is where I was as of yesterday

I am thoroughly enjoying this knit.  I’m already considering a second one made from Wollmeise lace.

I have learned a lot knitting on Shetland Pi.  One, I need to learn how to read.  It was either that or I need new glasses.  The first two sections were knit on US8 DPN’s, or so I thought.  They actually were knit on 8″ US5 DPN’s.  After much debate, once I was on the US8 for the Deep Dish section, I chose to leave it as it is and we’ll call it a design element.  I think that it will block out and look beautiful once it is complete.

The other thing I really learned is how valuable stitch markers are.  In the past, when knitting in the round, I would only put a stitch marker on the needles to mark the beginning of the round.  Most of the time, I would be good with that, but, some of the time, it was just a disaster waiting to happen.  I would end up either tinking back or ripping out the piece that I was knitting to correct mistakes.  This time, I put in the stitch markers as directed in the pattern and not once have I had to tink back or rip out a single stitch.  (I probably just jinxed myself!)  I will continue to use this process as patterns allow in the future.

I’m enjoying looking at pictures of everyone’s Shetland Pi on Ravelry and I can’t wait to wear this shawl.  I’m thinking Rhinebeck, anyone with me?


Posted August 25, 2010 by theknittingpatch in Shetland Pi KAL

3 responses to “Deep into the Deep Dish Pie

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  1. I love the color yarn you are using. I can’t wait to see your shawl when its done. I think I will knit one once I have everything else off the needles.

  2. You are a pretty fast knitter! That gold yarn was the perfect choice – it’s really looking beautiful

  3. Purdyyyyyyyyyy… call me chica!

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