My New Magic Number   3 comments

My new magic number is four.  I know it will change in a week, but for now that’s the number.  Why four you ask?  Four is the number of pounds I need to lose to get to the 50 pound mark.  Half-way baby!!!!  I plan on doing that this week.

With that half way point comes a new reward.  New Clothes.  Now mind you, I did purchase some new clothes when I was at my Mom’s recovering, but only tops.  I’m in desperate need of new pants and skirts and such.  They are all at least two to three sizes too big and I’m so afraid that one day I’m going to walk down the street and they will just fall off.  I’m so excited to go shopping and see what I can now fit into.

The next reward will come at 75 pounds lost.  I’m thinking something really good for that one.  Any ideas?


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3 responses to “My New Magic Number

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  1. Congratulations on the new magic number! For 75 lbs, why not a new necklace or something jewelryish? Or some really good yarn to make yourself something totally pampery and decadent?

  2. a day at the spa–get your nails done, fingers and toes, and a hair cut, and facial, and massage–feel as good as you look!

  3. That is awesome!~ Congratulations! How fun to be able to shop for smaller clothes.

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