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I had decided a few weeks ago that I needed to organize my yarn and really decide what I’m going to keep and what I’m going to destash.  I’ve pretty much got it figured out and feel like I’m worse off than before I started.

A Bag Full Of Love

There are my go to yarns.  These are the yarns that I knit almost every project in that I’m in love with and that I can’t do without.  Some are dyers that I consider good friends and others are commercial yarns that I just adore.  They all know who they are and they know how much I appreciate them.   These are yarns that I will never part with; well, maybe not never, but it would have to be something spectacular for me to consider it.  The same goes with spinning fiber.  I know what I like and I keep going back to them.

I’m not naming names, but I think you can tell from what Etsy sites I have listed and what LYS are also listed where I spend most of my money.

All the other yarns I have, and there are a lot,  were just simply impulse buys.  And boy, was it a LOT of impulse buys.  I’m trying to figure out the best way to destash as 80% of it is probably not on Ravelry.  Should I destash via the blog or via Ravelry?  What would be a reasonable price to ask?

Sadly, I’m ready to do the destash.  However, I have to wait until I’m back on my feet after surgery to do so.  I would have no way to mail it out to people and I don’t want to take peoples money and not send the yarn.

So that’s where I stand with the stash and destash, between a rock and a hard place.


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4 responses to “Stash and Destash

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  1. IF you can pack stuff after the surgery, I could schlep it to the Post Office for you. Summer vacation is a good thing.

  2. So, where do we get to see the destash? 🙂 If it helps, when I put stuff up on my trade/sell page on Ravelry and I want it to sell, I check and see what it’s going for where I purchased it, and then I price it less. I’ve had great luck with selling stuff on Rav.

  3. I’d definitely do it on Rav – way more traffic there. The ISO/Destash board is a great place and I’d post it around 9:30a eastern time when most people are getting to work. 🙂

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