What A Difference A….   5 comments

…needle makes.

I thought I was purchasing the BMW of needles and was much happier with the Volkswagen.  Who knew?  My Addi Lace needle arrived and I quickly swapped out the bad needle with this and now I’m just zooming along on Haruni.  Granted, I’m only knitting it at home, so it’s about 4 to 6 rows per night, but much faster than with the good needle with the bad join.  I’m also going to have to get a 32″ as I ordered a 24″ for some reason and that won’t accommodate 400 stitches comfortably.

My plan is to be done with chart A this weekend and then work on B.  Progress shots to come if I can get the pinkness to appear correctly in the picture. Not an easy task.  I was thinking of getting a light box to try to get the truer color to my project and yarn pictures.  Any recommendations?  Do you find that this works better than no light box?  I really just want to be able to put the best pictures on the blog that I possibly can.

OK, off to knit before my lunch hour is over.  Have a great day everyone and Happy Knitting and Spinning!!!!


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5 responses to “What A Difference A….

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  1. Hi Stacy-Karen,
    Long time no see! I love the Addi lace needles, but beware that the brass coating on them can give off an odd smell after a while. It’s weird. That said, I love the tips, and I love how light they are!
    I look forward to seeing your shawl when it’s done. Hopefully, I’ll see you soon?

    • I’ve heard that about the Addi needles, but thankfully have not experienced it. I wonder if it has to do with a person’s PH level?
      We should get together soon. Let me know when you come to the city 🙂

  2. I love Addis! I use them for pretty much everything!

  3. I was a total Addi fan till I tried the KnitPicks Options. OMG…..

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