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Today was one of those days that you just needed to be lazy.  It was extremely hot and humid and the relief just seems to be coming in now.

Simply put, other than laundry and cook a turkey (which I just put in the oven now at 8:00 PM), I sat on the recliner chair and knit on Haruni.  I even fell asleep at one point for about an hour, knitting in hand.  No stitches were dropped at that time.

I’m at row 41 of chart A and am putting it in a time out until a new set of needles arrives from TLE.  The needles that are currently on it knit like buttah, but, the join is bad and makes  it not enjoyable.  If I had known that there was a recall on these needles, I would have returned them in a heartbeat.  However, the deadline has passed and I’m out of luck and stuck with a very expensive pair of needles with a bad join.  😦 (and yes, I already spoke to them to no resolve)

That said, I will knit on plain vanilla socks tonight and if it cools off enough, spin up the last of the J. Knits fiber.  I’ll also waiting for the pop up timer to pop on the turkey.  Lunches will be good this week 🙂

I’ve been told that next weekend will be cooler and at that time,  I plan to organize the stash and decide what I’m keeping and what I will be destashing.  I’ve already done a small destash and I know that there will be lots more.  This is phase one before going to IKEA for a nice yarn cabinet (aka bookcase).

OK, I’m going to go pursue some more laziness for the rest of the night.  Have a great night everyone and Happy Knitting and Spinning!!!


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