Love/Hate and some randomness   1 comment

OK, I was in love yesterday and today I’m not.  I can tell I’m going to have such a love/hate relationship with this shawl.

I wasn’t going to post a picture until I was done with section A, but here it was as of this morning.  Tonight, it’s smaller.  Yes, smaller! I accidentally knit the wrong row and had to tink back to correct.  In the process of tinking back, you guessed it, I dropped one of the double yarn overs.  To fix that, I had to go back another two rows.  And so it goes.

I’m currently at work.  I will be here for another hour and then I can go home.  I’ve been doing a little knitting and catching up on blog reading and watching the Knit Girllls video cast.    Enjoying every minute of it (insert dancing nanners here!)

I will be at Citi Field on Saturday attending the Stitch and Pitch game.  It’s the Mets against the Marlins.  Should be a good game.  I wish it were the Red Sox.  Hopefully I’ll get to Fenway this year.

I will be posting on Saturday, but due to the game, it may be late.  Bringing my camera to take pictures of the many knitters there.

Have a great night everyone and Happy Knitting and Spinning!!!!


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  1. I’ll be at Citi Field too! I also wish it were the Red Sox. Alas…should be fun regardless. I hope your shawl works out well. (maybe that’s not your ideal Stitch ‘N Pitch project though…) 🙂

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