My Knitting Sisters   5 comments

When I moved the blog, I came across an old draft that I never published and I thought it appropriate to publish now.

I’ve never had sisters. I always wanted one or two, or three, or more. It wasn’t in the cards. I was the last child.

Since I’ve been knitting, I’ve come to know and love a lot of women who have become my sisters and I’ve found that it doesn’t take a blood relation to be that sister. These are women that I know that I can count on for just about anything and in return they can count on the same from me.  I know I probably don’t say it enough, but I love you all.  You all know who you are.

Knitting for me has become part of my lifestyle. It has become a community vast and wide. It is a community that is giving and loving. It is a community of hope, joy, lots of good times and occasionally the sad. I am proud to be a part of it.

So I thank you, my sisters for letting me be a part of your “family” and know that you will always be a part of mine.


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5 responses to “My Knitting Sisters

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  1. I’m proud to be one of your knitting sisters!

  2. What a great post! I have lots of sisters and I’m still happy that I have my knitting sisters too! 🙂

  3. Awwwww….how sweet.

  4. Very nice! Right back atcha, Sistah! 🙂

  5. I am proud to be one of the sisters! ((hugs))

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