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Things have been busy here. I’ve been pretty much going non stop and don’t like that it cuts into my knitting and spinning time. However, the busy supports the knitting and spinning so I should not complain.

I’m still plugging away on Ammonit. As of today, I’ve completed through section M; five more sections to go until completion. I’m still waiting for it to start eating all of the yarn I purchased for it. I’m close to starting the third ball of six.

I have a pair of socks in progress for my SIL.

I also have a pair of mittens in progress for my daughter and a scarf for my other SIL, but have yet to take pictures of either. Soon, very soon.

I started working with a personal trainer. The goal is lose a boatload of weight and get healthy. I’m also considering a diet change that will be a lifelong change. I’ve been reading a book that does the opposite of what we would do normally and it sounds much healthier. Rather than have animal product be your main course, the salad and the vegetables will be your main course. Eventually, if you want to have animal product, it will be as a condiment.

The initial six weeks will be animal and dairy free. A typical meal could mean salad with beans and a pound of steamed greens. Yes, you read that right, a pound. I want to research it more before making the commitment. The doctor who wrote the book is here in NYC and I’m looking to see if he has any workshops coming up that I can attend as well. What it really comes down to is that I’m tired of being tired and I want to make the life change for the better and that will be a lifelong commitment to me.

When I find out more, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, the gym is my friend!!!

Off to sleep, I’m beat. Have a good night everyone and Happy Knitting and Spinning 🙂


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