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Not a lot to report on today. It’s been quite cold outside. That in mind, I’m only going out for work and I’m staying in as of late.

I’m going to knit another section or two of Ammonit tonight. Maybe some progress shots by the weekend.

Here’s a question for you. What are some good things to put into the Netflix queue? Television series, movies, all are fair game. Mad Men was a total fail for me. I’m trying True Blood this weekend. Give me your ideas please. 🙂

OK, knitting awaits. Have a good night everyone and Happy Knitting and Spinning!!!


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  1. Wow – sorry you didn't like MadMen. I'm liking True Blood. There's a British series called Waking the Dead that is brilliant – a couple other Brit dramas that i really like include Cracker (it's older – but so, so good) and Wire in the Blood. Both more crime oriented. I'm also a huge fan of Bones, and NCIS (Mark Harmon – what's not to like?) 🙂

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