The Whole Truth and Nothing But…..and A Dream   2 comments

So Saturday was a crazy morning for me. I woke up early and went to go pick up my Zip Car so that I could run some errands. Mind you, I was also stalking my email in regards to Spring Fling Notifications

First stop: Costco. It took me a good 10 minutes to find a parking spot. Once parked and the car was locked, I grabbed a shopping cart and went in. Go figure, I picked the cart with the bum wheel. I was tempted to go get another one, but I put up with the struggle. Unlike any Costco that you are use to, the one I go to is on two floors. Big ticket items, cleaning supplies, paper goods and personal items are on the first floor. All of the food is on the second floor along with books, games and clothing. I seriously struggled through the store with the cart stopping every time my phone notified me that there was a new email. I checked out and spent the next 20 minutes trying to get out of the parking lot. No news yet.

Next stop was Trader Joe’s in Queens. Funny thing is, there is one in Brooklyn, but it’s is always crazy crowded and the parking is on the street. The location in Queens has a parking lot. So off I went and when it was a red light, checking the email. Got everything I needed in TJ’s and put it in the car. There is a Michael’s there as well so I went in to get some yarn for my charity knitting event and I got some beads to send to my grandmother. No news yet.

With an hour until I had to return the car, I chose to come home. I brought everything in the house and off I was to return the car with 15 minutes to spare. I walked across the street to the Farmer’s Market and it had started to snow. If the weather was nicer, I would most definitely have picked through the vegetables to bring some home. Instead, I got a bottle of wine and went home. No email.

Once home, everything was put away where it needed to be and I finally sat down to knit and relax. I had the TV on and I watched some movie that wasn’t making an impression on me. I can’t even remember the name of it. I fell asleep and the movie in my dreams was way more fun.

I dreamt that I was at a get together at Sheri’s house (how I would know it was her house, I don’t know as I’ve never been there, I just assume it was hers). It was me and a bunch of flingers past and my Mom (I must have had her on my mind). We were having a grand time, laughing and knitting and having all the traditional party fare, including Loopy Kisses. It came time to say good bye. I was hugging friends goodbye and was saying “See you in April” and winking at Sheri when I said it. The phone notification woke me up. I ignored it.

I was going to get up off the chair and go crawl into bed. However, I glanced down at my computer screen and the email application was open and there it was, clear as day. In the subject line it said: The Loopy Ewe: Spring Fling 2010, and I knew this was it. I opened it with my eyes closed. When I reopened my eyes, I smiled. I guess dreams really do come true!!!!

See you in April 🙂

(PS, I never went back to sleep, too excited!!!)


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2 responses to “The Whole Truth and Nothing But…..and A Dream

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  1. You make me grin! I can't wait to see you again. YAY! (a two-story CostCo blows my mind!!!)

  2. Yay for you!

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