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It’s recently occurred to me that I’m not getting any of my larger projects done. I’ve decided it’s because I have too many of them going. Granted it’s only four of them, but they are just not getting done.

So, from this day forward, until they are all completed, I will not start any new projects. Sock projects for the train do not count. I will knit only on one of these at a time until they are completed and then pick up the next one and do the same. I know this is going to be difficult because there are so many projects that I want to start, (all Ravelry links); however, it is the only way that I know that these projects will see completion.

I hope this new monogamy will work and that I will see more knitting complete. Time will only tell. Oh, and if you are wondering, I’m working on Mom’s shawl (on the bottom left) since that is the one closest to being done.

Have a great day everyone and Happy Knitting and Spinning.


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8 responses to “Monogamy

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  1. I think your monogamy plan is a good one and one I should adopt. Operative word is "should." Operative and reality don't always mix, though.

  2. Like pink/purple much? ;-D Those are all beautiful projects, and I totally get what you're doing. I finished my Basic Black cardi, and I'm working now on the sock yarn sweater exclusively until it's done, and then on St. Brigid until it's done. Oh, and I have train socks, too! 🙂

  3. Project monogamy is the only way I can get larger items done. By the end of it, I'm typically sick to death of the item I'm making, but if I don't finish it before I start something else, it will never get done.

  4. Ohhhh Myyyy I leave you alone for just a couple of weeks and look what you do… Everything looks fantabulous…

  5. The problem with project monogamy is that it's like starting a diet: the moment you do, everything forbidden is absolutely irresistible. Good luck, though!

  6. A way to keep from driving yourself nuts with boredom of one project, is to decide on an amount of time, let's say two hours. Now work on project 1 for two hours. Then project 2 for two hours and so on. When one gets finished you get to start a new one. Relieves boredom and gives an incentive to getting them done.

  7. Great projects on your needles!

  8. I'm trying this too…gosh you do beautiful work!

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