I’ve been quite busy since last I blogged. Spinning and Knitting have been in full force.

Here is the lovely yarn that I spun last weekend. I still have a wee little skein to take off the bobbin of this. The yarn is made from Tempted SoySilk Wool. I’m guessing that I was able to spin about 250 yards of this, enough for maybe a cowl of sorts.

While on the train to and from work, I like to work on socks. Here are the Sunflower socks in progress. I’m just about to turn the heel and work up the leg. I rarely work on these anywhere else but the train, so progress has been slow going.

Today was a work day for me and aside from the one call I received at 5:15 PM today, it was a very quiet day. I took advantage of that and worked on Mom’s Shawl. I’m about two skeins in and will probably work one or two more into it before binding off.

It’s a funny thing with this shawl. It’s quite easy, but not easy enough that I can’t pay attention. When I was doing the right side rows, I needed quiet and I found myself saying the pattern aloud as I was knitting it. The wrong side rows were knit, so I could do whatever. Do you find yourself doing quirky things while knitting to keep your place?
I’ve got the rest of the weekend off and no big plans except to go to Costco on Sunday. I think I will be knitting and spinning some more. I’m trying to decide which fiber I should spin next. I may have to play a game of eenie meenie miney moe and see which one wins out.
Until next time, have a great night and happy knitting and spinning!!!!

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  1. To figure out how many yards you actually have, first, finish the yarn (wash it and let it dry).Then, hold the hank in one hand, take your measuring tape and measure the length on the INSIDE from the top of the hank to the bottom INSIDE.Then, count the wraps. Then: ((Length x #of wraps) x 2) divided by 36 = yards of yarnYou do this AFTER you finish and wash the yarn because what you get off your niddy noddy is going to shrink up a bit once you finish it 🙂

  2. Wow – that shawl looks great! Love the yellow socks too!

  3. Love your sunflower socks!

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