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I bought myself a new knit journal today. It’s black and red and has lined pages on the inside. I love that it closes, unlike the old new one I got and the pages don’t come apart from the binding. That to me was very important. I keep all my notes in here of current works in progress and it helps to keep track of where I am in a pattern. The best part: I found that I can refill it will another, less expensive notebook after this one is full.

Tonight, on the way home, I went to Trader Joe’s. They have my favorite vegetable patties and I wanted to go stock up on them. I wanted a few other things, but they were out of stock. I’ll have to try again another time. In fact, from what I understood from one of the stock guys, I was lucky to find the patties. He told me that they have been out of stock since last week and that most of the shelves were empty. Not sure how much of that I believe, but it is what it is.

Once home, I knit on my Clapotis. I’m about 1/2 way through the increases. I’m sticking to my guns about only knitting at home. This means I only get about 12 rows, or one repeat done per night. I will break that rule for one night next week when it comes to the drop stitches and once I get the hang of it, back at home it comes to stay.

Right now, at least to me, it looks like the front half of a bikini bathing suit bottom. Also, the colors are much darker than they appear. Between the flash and the Ott lamp, it really brightened up.

I’m going to sign off and knit the rest of this repeat and head to bed. I have a very long day tomorrow and thankfully it’s not all work related. More about that then.

Have a great night everyone and Happy Knitting and Spinning!!!


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