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It was another work day. It was actually busy for the first two hours and the rest of the day was quiet. I got in the last two episodes I had of Boston Legal and should have the last DVD of the first season by the weekend.

I got, at least what I consider, a lot of knitting done. I will get more done on Sunday and post pictures.

As I was leaving work, I had pulled my camera out to play tourist. There is an amazing photo opportunity at the corner of my street that shows the top of the Chrysler Building all lit up at night. I wasn’t happy with how it came out, but I will try again another night. When I got down to the train, from playing tourist, this is what I saw:

The train was pulling out of the station. I really like this shot. I think this year, I’ll do a lot more touristy things around the city. So much to do and see. 🙂

OK, I’m a glutton for punishment. I cast on Clapotis tonight (about 10 minutes ago). It seems like it will be a quick knit. However, and it’s a big however, I made myself a rule that I can’t knit it unless I’m home. It won’t travel with me and I won’t bring to knit nights. I think it will be the only way I can control the project and others I have in progress. This way too, I don’t have to worry about the pattern and I can just read and track on screen.

Time to go do my daily spin and some more knitting, then bed. It’s back to work in the afternoon. Have a great night everyone and Happy Knitting and Spinning.


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