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I’ve pretty much had a non-eventful day. This morning, I needed ice skates to get to the train. It was raining out and there was already ice on the sidewalks. Baby steps all the way, seriously. It took me twice as long to make the walk to the train.

Work was work and it ran in spurts until about 3:00 PM. I think after that, I had one phone call until 7:00 PM tonight. We did have a little visitor in the form of my co-workers 2 year old daughter and that broke the day up a little bit. She was such a good girl. I even let her play with my Little Loopy.

Speaking of which, look what showed up at my office today:

Isn’t he the cutest!!!! I love how is holding the Loopy Kisses. I left him sitting on my desk with all the other little animals and tchotchkes that reside there.

I also made a little progress on the lace scarf. I included another progress shot because it shows the color of the Wollmeise so much better than yesterday’s shot. I’m in love with this color and will have to get another skein for me at some point. Claudia just has that amazing eye for color and it really shows in this skein.

Tonight, when I came home, I continued the role of PC Tech and installed my new sound card into my PC. I am happy to say that I now, once again have sound and can actually hear and watch content at home and not have to wait until I’m elsewhere. A very quick install and one that was much needed.

I also went stash diving for my Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport in the Mother Lode colorway. I’m wanting to start Clapotis on January 1 and wasn’t sure where it as. It wasn’t with the sock yarn in either the cabinet or what’s left in the bins in the living room. I finally found it in the back room amongst some yarns I have put aside for sweaters and such. I’m really liking the commitment I made not to purchase yarn for a while. The more I stash dive, the more I find that I forgot I had.

Tomorrow is Christmas and I wish all my friends a very merry. Because it is not my holiday, I volunteered to work and will be at the office thinking of you all. I will have both my knitting and a book with me (Team of Rivals). My friend is also going to stop by and have a quick lunch with me before she heads uptown for Christmas dinner.

For now, I will call it a night and will wish you all Happy Knitting and Spinning!!!!


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