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Today started for me at 5:00 AM. I was in Manhattan by 6:30 and on the bus to Boston at 7:00 AM. By 11:45, I was in South Station making my way to North Station to take a train to go to my Mom and Dad’s house. It’s so good to be home!!! 🙂

Mom picked me up at the train station and we went to lunch at Panera. YUM!!!! I was disappointed that they didn’t have the portabella sandwich, but I can wait until it’s in season again. After we did some last minute shopping for Thanksgiving dinner and then came home.

I helped Mom do some cooking so all we have to do is re-heat and then found places to put it all away and hide. The house smelled so good of candied sweet potatoes and kasha. It tasted good too. Well, we did have to make sure it was all good for everyone else. 😉

Tonight, we headed over to the mall and I got some warm winter shirts. Dad was done with work by the time we were done so we went to dinner for Vietnamese food. Very enjoyable and I loved it. More importantly, I loved spending time with my family. This will be the last time I’m seeing them this year, so I’m taking every advantage I can.

Mom worked so hard today, that she deserved some prizes. You guessed it, her birthday present. The response was wonderful. Tears of joy. Hugs to the blessing of the hands. Mom proudly wore the lace scarf and told me she will have a difficult time choosing which socks to wear every morning. I’ll take some pictures later and post when I return home (unless I can find my daughters camera cable)

That’s all for now. Sleep is calling and I have an early morning to help get things ready for dinner.

To all my US friends, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Have a great night everyone and happy knitting and spinning!!!


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