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Last night we went to the Knicks game. As you can see, we had pretty decent seats. About 14 rows behind the net.

It also gives me a good view of the court side. In this shot is Penny Marshall, John McEnroe, Jamie Gertz, and from what I’m told, a Giants player and a Jets Player. I think Carrot Top is also in this picture. (Penny is hanging over the rail talking to John). Spike Lee was also there, I just couldn’t manage to get him into any of the shots.

Knicks won and it was a good game 🙂

Today, I woke up earlier than I wanted to. I was able to get somethings done in the house before my grocery elves came. I also realized that I forgot to get some groceries that I needed so I went to the store too, to pick them up. I have gained a new appreciation for my elves. Never again will I go to the market. Between waiting for the train and waiting in line to check out, it took me three hours to get there and back. There is so much I could have been doing instead. Oh well, lesson learned.

Once home, I was in cooking mode.

First up, Spicy Chili. Very easy to make, just add water and your choice of protein.

Next up was Eggplant Parmesan. This one was a little more involved. First I had to have three separate bowls. One for the flour, one for the egg wash, and the third for the bread crumbs. Then slice the eggplant and dredge through each of the bowls (in that order) and fry them up until golden brown. Once that was done, I put some sauce on the bottom of the pan and put a layer of the eggplant down. Put some ricotta on top of each piece. Added some more sauce and put another layer of eggplant. Once again, added sauce and then a layer of mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. Baked for a half hour and say the magic words, presto-chango:

I had enough to make two pans of this. I tasted for dinner tonight and it was delicious. Both of these dishes will serve as lunch and dinner for me this week. I’m already thinking of the next weeks menu, though I may just eat out where it’s a short week for me.

I did accomplish knitting today. I worked some on Mommy’s shawl and I hope with any luck, to have done by Christmas.

And, I finished one half of a pair of socks.

Since I only knit the sock on the subway, it’s been going a little slower than usual. Second sock is cast on and I have a week and a half to finish it before it goes to it’s recipient.

No spinning today, maybe Sunday. It’s getting easier and I’m really enjoying it a whole lot more than I thought I would.

I’m off to get a few more rows done before bedtime. Have a great night everyone and Happy knitting and spinning!!!

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