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Here’s a few more Rhinebeck goodies.

The first is a Lucet. This handy little tool, that looks like a tuning fork, creates i-cord. I found the written instruction a little confusing to me and found a you-tube video that explained it clearly. The video can be found here. Once I watched the video a few times, the concept caght on and I was on my way.

The picture below was taken on the (4) train tonight. Many, many people asked what I was doing and it made for some interesting conversation. I even met another knitter and hopefully turned her on to Ravelry.

The next photo is of the gorgeous, wonderful socks that my friend Kathy made for me. They are so toasty warm and I received many compliments about them. Thank you Kathy 🙂

Attached to these socks when I unwrapped them was another gorgeous item. This heart shaped shawl pin which I immediately put on to my Susan Shawl.

Lastly, I bought a Llama. My friend Druanna and I named him Jasper. He is so cute and cuddly. I love him tons!!! Pick your jaw up of the floor. It’s a stuffed animal. Little Loopy thinks that Jasper is a horse. Ride’em cowboy!!!

I’m off to do some knitting before bed. Have a great night everyone and Happy Knitting!!!


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