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I found this on As Kat Knits blog and thought I would share with you today:

• If I were a liquid, I would be – champagne to tickle your tounge

• If I were a metal, I would be – copper

• If I were a tree, I would be – a magnolia – simply majestic

• If I were a fruit, I would be – a strawberry to delight the senses

• If I were a flower, I would be – an orchid , beautiful inside and out

• If I were weather, I would be – a beautiful sunny day

• If I were a musical instrument, I would be –an oboe; funny, you would think I would pick one I play (single reed instruments), but I chose this for it is rich and delightful to listen to

• If I were an element, I would be – Titanium for it’s strength

• If I were a color, I would be – pink -a joyous pink

• If I were a feeling, I would be – love – everyone should experience love

• If I were a food, I would be – a combination of milk and dark chocolate, sensuous and rich

• If I were a sentence, I would be – (I’m with As Kat Knits on this one) a compound-complex sentence

There you go, feel free to take this and make it yours for your blog! Of course, let me know so I can go read useless information about you! 🙂

Have a great night and Happy Knitting


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