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I never made it out of the house today.

The baseball game was over around midnight and I went to sleep. Then about 3:00 AM, my BF scared me half to death by sneaking in the house wanting to surprise me. The surprise was that he almost got punched in the face. I ended up semi-awake until about 7:00 AM at which time I fell asleep until 10:30 AM. I woke up pretty tired and run down. I chose to stay in and take care of me so that I’ll be good for Rhinebeck next weekend.

My first shipment of Sundara Seasons came today and it’s very pretty. I like the color a lot. I am not posting a picture as I don’t want to spoil it for those who did not receive yet. Soon though.

I did do a little knitting. Not a whole lot. About 20 rows or so. Like I said, very little, but I love the way it’s knitting up.

I watched episodes 3 through 5 of John Adams and started the sixth. Very good mini-series and very well deserved of all the accolades and awards. I’m now watching the baseball game and rooting for my Red Sox and they have their work cut out for them tonight.

I also finally blocked the shawl. Right now it’s on the bed and drying and I hope that I can pull it off dry after the game so that I can sleep in my bed.

I think that Sunday will be more of the same. Right now, back to the recliner and some knitting and the baseball game. Have a great night everyone and Happy Knitting!!! GO SOX!!!!

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