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Happy Saturday everyone!!!

My morning started with a call from college daughter. I love those calls. We just sat and talked and talked. She’s becoming quite the young lady and I couldn’t be prouder.

Shortly thereafter, my grocery elves appeared. I put the food away and was ready for the next delivery. Unfortunately, the laundry came a few hours late and threw my whole schedule off for the day.

I was able to get chores done in the house, but, I wasn’t able to get out to photograph the shawl. By the time they showed up, it was dark out. I hope to be able to do so next weekend as my Sunday is too busy.

I was able to finish the first third of the birthday scarf. I picked up the stitches to start the neck ribbing, however, I will have to wait until tomorrow until I go to my LYS as I left the book at the office and am missing the instruction n how to proceed. I can see this scarf being done by Wednesday or so.

Jo asked: “Why did you start with the provisional cast on? ” The reason is so that the two tails mirror each other . It’s actually pretty cool. The only pain is pulling out the crochet chain. I’m not a crocheter, yet, and sometimes it tangles and I carefully have to cut it out.

While doing my chores in the living room, I watched Ocean’s Thirteen and Fool’s Gold. I found Ocean’s Thirteen to be more entertaining than Fool’s Gold overall, but it was ok, not great.I liked the first one the best.

I’m off to sleep as it’s a busy day come Sunday. Have a great night and Happy Knitting!!!


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