The Method to My Madness   Leave a comment

Most of you of whom I knit with have seen me either with this notebook or another one just like it.

Within the pages of this notebook, I keep copious notes on everything that I’m knitting. In fact, I can be very meticulous about it. I wish I were this meticulous in other parts of my life.

As you can see, I mark every round that I knit and mark where the gusset increase starts and where I start turning a heel within the sock pattern. This may take a few extra minutes while knitting a sock, but let me tell you, the second sock flies by as I know exactly what needs to be done and when. Both socks are exactly the same size and there is no guess work for me.

I know what you are saying. It’s so time consuming. It works for me. It works well and makes my knitting less frustrating. It makes it painless. It makes it enjoyable. I think we all have our styles of keeping track. This is just mine.

A lot of the reason that I do this is that I knit socks on the train. Keeping these notes makes it easy for me to see where I am within the pattern and I can get on immediately with the knitting. Otherwise, I feel like I’m wasting precious knitting time trying to figure out where I am. I also use it when I’m working on huge lace patterns like my Susan Shawl. Because I rarely take it out of the house now, I mark which row I’m on so that when I’m able to pick it up and knit, I can just proceed and not look at and figure things out.

So you see, there’s always a method to my madness. What’s yours?

Have a great night everyone and Happy Knitting!!!


Posted August 14, 2008 by theknittingpatch in Uncategorized

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