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I’ve been concerned about my current sock in progress. To me it just didn’t seem right. It was off kilter and I couldn’t figure out if I was doing something wrong or it was the way it was suppose to be. So with this in mind I did what anyone else would do; I emailed the designer. This was the response that I got:

The pattern does bias a bit — you’ll probably want to block it after knitting. 🙂

Thank you Wendy, I feel much better now, especially after I put it onto Hilda tonight and took a picture.

When I got into the office this morning and found a package from Canada waiting for me. I couldn’t imagine what it was and as I was clocking in, I remembered.

Watermelon Yarn from Freshlie Fibers. Good luck getting this yarn if you like it as I’ve been stalking the site since I got home from The Spring Fling in April. Very tough to get a hold of, but worth the wait.

I managed to finish another repeat on the Susan Shawl. I’m going to complete another two and then see how much yarn I have left and how much further I can go. The end is in site. I am hoping to have done and blocked so that I can wear for Rhinebeck. I know I have plenty of time, it’s just a matter of finding the time. Right now, each knit row is taking close to 45 minutes so if I manage 2 rows a night, maybe three, I should be able to do it.
I’m going to watch the rest of the gymnastics. Have a great night everyone and Happy Knitting!!!

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