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I’m very happy to say that the child got a summer job. I was beginning to think that it wouldn’t happen. We found out on Saturday, while at Temple that she was hired. YEAH SUMMER JOB!!!

I couldn’t take pictures at Temple, but it was a nice service and my Mom and Dad were very happy to have us kids there and my grandmother. After services there was a breakfast that my parents sponsored in honor of my Dad’s 70th birthday. It was very nice. The Rabbi was asking my brother about Kentucky and me about New York. When he asked where in NY that I lived, I respond with “The Hood”. My family burst out laughing and the Rabbi looked at me quizzically. I changed the answer to Crown Heights. Crown Heights is the headquarters for Chabad which my parents belong to. He then understood.

That night we went to Cielito Lindo, my most favorite Mexican restaurant, EVER, for more birthday celebration. I am saving the pictures from that for Tuesday as that is Dad’s birthday. I had the Burrito Poblano, except I had them substitute vegetables for the chicken. The mole sauce there is to die for. Very chocolaty, very yummy!

I could eat for desert, however, we had birthday cake. The cake came from Cakes for Occasions. OMG!!!! This was the cake, however it said Happy Birthday on it. Let me tell you, it was absolutely fantastic. Mocha, chocolate ganache, chocolate cake, what more could you ask for? The cake definitely lived up to its reputation. Cakes for Occasions was the winner of the 2004 wedding cake for The Today Show.

Sadly the weekend was too short and my brother and I had to head back to our respective homes yesterday. It’s not often that we get to spend time with the whole family, so it was quite nice. My brother says that he might get a detail in Washington DC this summer and if that’s the case, I will head down for an extended weekend to visit with him. (and maybe a yarn shop or two)

I was able to get a little bit of knitting in over the weekend and here is the little bit of progress that I made on The Susan Shawl. The lace was too hard to concentrate on while visiting. My Mom is in love with this yarn and has asked that I make her a lace scarf out of it. I wish that the silver would show up in the photo. I can’t begin to tell you how stunning it really is.

That’s all for now, must get some things done. Have a great day everyone and Happy Knitting!!!


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