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I was only able to turn the heal on sock # 2 today. My co-worker called in sick which made for a busy day and by the time I got home, I was just too pooped. It’s good and bad. Good, the day goes by quickly and I’m able to save the money for a wheel that much faster. Bad, that I’m just tired. That said, 44 rows to go to bind off. The end is in sight.

Wednesday, after I get home, I’ll wind the yarn for Elfine. šŸ™‚
After reading the pattern for Elfine, I can tell I may make some modifications. Hopefully all will be well and I’m looking forward to more knitty goodness.

Vent Time:

I’ve been horrible. I’ve been neglecting the sweater vest that I’m making for my Dad. I think my reasoning is that he won’t wear it until the fall so I have time. I’ll have to think of something else to do for his birthday/Father’s Day. I have something in mind, but will have to look into it first and then tell.

Also, I’ve been way to busy as of late to go out with two of my girlfriends. We use to get together, I’d say every other week for dinner and I just haven’t been able to. They just need to understand that it’s a very busy time at work and May/June/July is a time that I travel a lot back and forth to Boston for family commitments. I barely have time to breathe, much less go out. I feel bad, but they are trying to make me feel guilty and it’s just not going to work. I made commitments and I need to honor them.

OK, done venting. Thanks.

No pictures today. I promise by Thursday, there will be a completed project.

Have a great night everyone and Happy Knitting!


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