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Happy Monday!!!

Did you ever receive yarn that you don’t remember ordering or even what it was for? That happened to me today when I got a box from Webs with 10 skeins of cascade 220 in Turtle (green heather). Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice surprise and I apparently did order it, I just don’t remember. Well, it’s at least a sweaters worth and I’ll just put it in the stash until I can find a good pattern for it.

I’m excited that the Red Sox beat the Yankees last night and I just saw that they won tonight’s game as well. I’m hoping to see them in the World Series come October for the third time in 5 years. What can I say, I love my team!

There is about another two weeks to enter the contest.

Below are how your contributions help and how things go in the studio.

First, we are assigned a bin that has the text book in it. As you can see, there are many texts here ranging from Biology, Forensic Psychology, Microsoft Word, even Dante’s Inferno. (I remember there was a textiles book in there tonight as well)

Once we get a book, we are assigned a recording booth. The two booths you see here have both a director and a reader. The director makes sure that the reader is reading what is on the printed page and that the software used to record the book is marked accordingly within the file. The reader, reads the book. There are times where a volunteer will both read and direct on their own. (I do this on occasion)

Here is the sign up board for the read-a-thon where we hope to fill every slot for every day to up production within the studio. This event happens a few times per year and is typically very successful.
And this is Cooper, one of the kids that RFB&D helps to become an independent and successful learner. It is my understanding that Cooper is now in his teens and is the president of his 4H club.

Lastly, here is my friend Anita, who works for RFB&D holding the One Row Scarf that I made for her to raffle off as a prize to the readers and directors of the read-a-thon

I also want to wish her a very Happy Birthday. I’m so glad that she has become my friend over the course of the past year!

If you can donate to RFB&D it would be amazing, if not, would you post a link to the contest on your blog. I’m just over half way to my goal and I wold love to reach it. You all are the best and I thank you for reading!

Have a great night and Happy Knitting!


Posted April 15, 2008 by theknittingpatch in Contest for RFBD, One Row Scarf, Stash

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