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Thanks to the recommendations of my fellow knitters and the fact that JoAnn is have a spectacular 3-Day sale, I purchased this Ott Lamp for an incredible price. I hope to have it by the end of next week to save my weary eyes from the darkness.

As promised, here is the first shot of Stripes Galore! I made a modification off the bat by doing 10 rows of ribbing rather than 6 it called for. Also, for the first two rows of stockinette on the stripes my tired brain forgot to switch needle sizes so the first two rows are done on a size 3 needle rather than the 5 (Would you want to frog 139 stitches? I rest my case) Thankfully, I’m keeping good notes.

Must get off to bed. I have an early start to my Saturday and am heading to Philadelphia. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow evening.

Have a great night and Happy Knitting!


Posted April 5, 2008 by theknittingpatch in JoAnn, Ott Lamp, Stripes Galore

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