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Edited to correct email address on 4/2

No, this is not an April Fools Joke. It really is contest time here at The Knitting Patch. The contest will run through the end of the month and it’s easy as pie to enter.

As some of you know, I volunteer at an organization called RFB&D. While there, I record text books for the blind and dyslexic. They could be on any subject, ranging from History, Law, Math, English, Cooking, and yes, even Fiber Arts.

I’ve taken the following blurb from their website to some up RFB&D in a nutshell for you:

For 60 years, Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic (RFB&D), a national nonprofit, volunteer organization, has been the leading producer of accessible educational materials for students with disabilities such as visual impairment or dyslexia that make reading standard print difficult or impossible. With titles available in every subject area and grade level from kindergarten through graduate studies, RFB&D’s digitally recorded textbooks are effective learning tools for students challenged by the printed page.

Having a learning disability myself, I wish that I knew of such an organization when I was going through school and I am so happy to help in any way that I can. As a result, RFB&D has become a very important part of my life and I love volunteering there and knowing that I am helping a child or adult learn through listening to texts that I help record.

I personally have recorded/directed and prepared books with subject matter of Ethics, Law,The Vietnam War, Israel, English Comprehension, Computers, Geography, President Ulysses S. Grant, etc… There are also specialized readers who record books for grades K-5, books in French, Italian, Japanese and other languages as needed.

Here’s where the contest comes in. Click on this link and make a donation to RFB&D. Once the donation is made, please forward me by email to, the confirmation email with the amount donated. Please put RFB&D contest in the subject line. For every $5.00 donated, you will receive one entry to the contest for prizes. So if you donate, $20 you will receive 4 entries, $100, 20 entries, and so on.

I thank you in advance on behalf of this amazing organization.

Prizes to include:

(1) Skein of Wollmeise, courtesy of The Knitting Patch
(1) $25 gift certificate to Wool Girl(1) $25 gift certificate to Wool Girl
(1) Skein of Wollmeise, courtesy of The Loopy Ewe

(1) Prize to be determined from Knitty City
More to come as they are confirmed.
Have a wonderful night everyone and Happy Knitting!

Posted April 2, 2008 by theknittingpatch in Contest for RFBD

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